Why is the TYHO Conference so well received?

Educators heard how we give out more than $4000 dollars in prizes, even during our online conference. Say what! It's true. We also have over 15 hours of content for Professional Development (varies by district). Come to think of it, we heard great things about being in our private FB group. Now, that is a fun bunch of knowledgeable colleagues and you cannot beat that kind of collaboration online. Well, survey says...it's our diverse and dynamic group of experienced presenters; educators that are leaders in our industry sharing their unique and effective teaching styles. Awww, yes, that is it!

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TYHO Conference

Our current environment dictates we  learn new and innovative classroom strategies. Are you looking for strategies that are on the cutting edge and research based? Does your passion for teaching need to be reignited? You will be learning from top educators all while having loads of fun! Come join us at the Teach Your Heart Out Fall Conference.

Welcome to Teach Your Heart Out Virtual Fall Conference. Get ready for two days of dynamic presenters! Expect more than 50+ sessions and over 25 inspiring presenters. Each session is 15-25 minutes and there is more than 15 hours of content delivered to you through digital access. Sign up now because even our digital participation is limited. Registration is open now. Please use your personal email address to register. Your login credentials will be sent immediately. The course availability is open early starting January 7th, with Conference dates of January 8-9. Don't forget your T-Shirt. Your Teach Your Heart Out T-Shirt is included. There is a minimal flat rate shipping fee. We can't wait to eMeet you and invite you to our exciting platform. Get ready to Teach Your Heart Out!